Your contract was negotiated with the Teamsters bargaining team and you’re management and approved by the membership. Every member has a right to make suggestions about what should be in their new contract and to vote on the final agreement. To win a good contract and enforce it, we as workers, have to show management that we are united. A copy of your contract is available to you by simply contacting the union office.


When you’re an active member paying union dues and your union dues are paid current and you have completed your Initiation fee, there is a Life Insurance Policy at no cost to you. Minimum $8,000 and maximum $24,000 depending on circumstances. If you ever have a change of beneficiary, please be sure to update your beneficiary card. If you are medically unable to work it is possible to apply for a waiver by completing the appropriate paperwork available at the union.


Public Employees


LOUDERMILL: Most public employees have a constitutional right to a pre-termination “hearing.”

In another decision announcing a Constitutional right for public employees not possessed by private employees, the Supreme Court in Cleveland Board of Education v. Loudermill, 470 US 532 Ed 2d 494, (1985) held that most public employee are entitled to a hearing before they are discharged. However, the “hearing” is not a full evidentiary hearing and need not include the opportunity to cross examine your accusers.

All that is required is:

  1. Oral or written notice of the charges and time for hearing; and
  2. An explanation of the employer’s evidence; and
  3. An opportunity to present “his or her side of the story.”


Further, since the issuance of the Loudermill decision, the lower courts have strictly limited the remedy for Loudermill violations. Specifically, an employee deprived of his Loudermill rights is not entitled to reinstatement if the employer can prove that there was just cause for the discharge in any case.


Like many organizations in our community, the Teamsters Unions are supported by dues paying members. These dues enable the Teamsters Union to have the resources to stand up for good jobs and benefits, fight to improve working conditions and support legislation that supports working families. According to these guidelines your union dues are calculated based on your hourly earnings rate. For specifics on your individual dues rate please contact your business agent.

Effective July 1, 2002 the current rate of dues for all members in the private sector, whose hourly earnings rate is more than $11.00 per hour were increased to two and one-half (2.5) times the hourly earnings rate. Dues for all members employed in the public sector who are not legally entitled to strike with an hourly rate more than $11.00 per hour were increased to two and one-quarter (2.25) times the hourly earnings rate. Dues for all members in public and private sector whose hourly earning rate is $11.00 per hour or less remained at two (2) times the hourly earnings rate.

To calculate your dues rate multiply your hourly rate by the correct dues structure (2.5, 2.25 or 2) and round to the nearest dollar. Membership dues to Local Unions are due anytime in the month before the last day of the month.

Any member who is three (3) months in arrears in the payment of dues, fines, assessments or other charges, shall automatically stand suspended at the end of the third (3rd) month.

It is important to keep your dues current, remember if you are no longer working in Teamster employment you need to contact our office to be put on Honorable Withdrawal. Honorable Withdrawal Cards are available when a member is not working and does not desire to maintain membership benefits. The Withdrawal card is good for a life-time and eliminates the possibility of becoming delinquent and/or suspended. Withdrawal status will be posted at no cost to you and a card will be sent to only those members who request it.


Teamsters Local #313
220 South 27th Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

If you have other dues questions or need a quote for dues owed, please contact our office.


If you find you are no longer working in Teamsters Local No. 313’s jurisdiction, but under another Teamster’s Local, please contact the Local Union whose jurisdiction you are working under and they in turn will request cost of transfer.