Recreation Property


This is your Teamster Recreation Property! A one-time assessment will be charged at our Local Union office. The caretaker at our recreational property will be charging camping fees when you visit. If you feel that you would be using our recreational property often, an annual pass can be purchased by Teamsters 313 and other Teamsters Local members.

Our recreation property is available for active and retired members of Local 313 and their guests. The recreational is nineteen (19) miles from Shelton, Washington.  


From Narrows Bridge, follow Highway W 16, travel 7.9 miles to the Purdy-Shelton exit. Take Shelton exit (left) cross Purdy bridge, follow 302 (5 miles), turn right on Elgen-Clifton road. Go 13.3 miles, turn left at Allyn to Highway 3 South — Approximately 9 miles. Then turn left on Pickering road. Pass Spencer Lake, approximately 3.5 miles to Harstine Bridge. From bridge go 1/2 mile and turn right, travel 4 miles and turn right, and another 3.5 miles turn right on Burgundy road. Go 1/2 mile to the Teamsters Drive, follow 313 signs to recreation property.

From South I-5 through Olympia, travel to downtown Shelton, to the intersection of the 1st Avenue and Highway #3 (at Lumbermen’s Hardware), go 7.5 miles NE on Highway #3, then turn right on Pickering road. Pass Spencer Lake, approximately 3.5 miles to Harstine Bridge. From bridge go 1/2 mile and turn right, travel 4 miles and turn right, and another 3.5 miles turn right on Burgundy road. Go 1/2 mile to Teamsters Drive, follow 313 signs to recreation property.


380 E Teamsters Drive
Shelton, WA 98584




Any questions call (360) 426-9074 Harstine Island Caretaker or (253) 627-0103 Local No. 313.


These rules are for your protection and are within the jurisdiction of the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 313.

  1. Active dues paying member of Local 313, honorary members, retirees from Local 313, active members or retirees from other Teamster Locals and their guests or other guests approved by Local 313 or the Caretaker are the only persons who may have access to the Harstine Island Property.

    1. Proof of membership is required. the means members must have a current dues receipt or an authorized pass in their possession.

    2. Members must register and display the required proof of membership as required by the Caretaker (s).

    3. Members are responsible for picking up payment envelopes for themselves and their guests when entering the recreation property and for depositing in the proper place.

  2. Passes

    1. Annual Passes can be purchased by the Local 313 members and members of other Teamster Locals who are in good standing or have retired in good standing.

    2. All passes must be renewed annually. Passes are good for one year from the date purchased. Accumulation of camping fees throughout the year will not constitute the issuance of a yearly pass.

    3. Honorary members must comply with any restricted usage that applies to them.

    4. See fee Schedule.

  3. Surviving spouse of an Active or Retired member will have access and may continue to use the recreational property in accordance with these provisions set forth.

  4. Retired members of Teamsters may continue to use the recreational property in accordance with these provisions as set forth.

  5. No non-member groups will be allowed to park on the beach between the week prior to Memorial Day and the week after Labor Day.

  6. Camp sites are available on a first come, first serve basis. The maximum consecutive period for which this property may be used for camping is fourteen (14) days, not to be unattended for more than twenty-four (24) hours. This fourteen (14) consecutive day period shall be considered to be broken by a seven (7) consecutive day absence. No unoccupied vehicles are to be left in waterfront spaces.

    1. Guests are not allowed to be on or hold spots until the Teamster is present.

    2. Only one guest is allowed to use a beach spot from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

  7. Park only in areas designated by the Caretaker.

  1. Clam digging by Local 313 members only. You must have a current clam digging license. No guests allowed to dig clams. No clam digging south of the boat launch. Cover all holes when digging clams. Limit seven (7) pounds or forty (40) clams, whichever comes first. A receipt is needed from Caretaker to remove oyster in shell from the Island.

  2. Pets are welcome, but please keep them under control at all times. During the day they must either be on a leash of not more than six (6) feet in length, or confined to your vehicle. At night they must be kept inside and enclosed in a vehicle or tent. Pets must not be allowed to run loose at any time. Vicious or unusually noisy pets will not be allowed to enter or remain. Pets should not interfere with the comfort of others or endanger the wildlife. You must clean up after your pets. NOTE: Pets are allowed in the clubhouse at any time.

  3. Fishing is permitted, subject to the Washington State Game & Fishing Laws.

  4. Beach rules shall be governed by the Washington State Game & Fishing Laws.

  5. Swimming at your own risk. No swimming by children under 18 years of age unless they are under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Children are the responsibility of their parents at all times.

  6. Fires are permitted in designated areas only.

  7. Do not burn bulkhead logs.

  8. Burn all burnables.

  9. Hunting and possession of loaded firearms or archery equipment is strictly prohibited.

  10. Fireworks are not permitted except on Fourth of July in the designated areas.

  11. No glass containers of any kind permitted on the beach.

  12. Keep horses off the beach and away from picnic area.

  13. Bicycle riding is permitted during daylight hours only and in designated areas (roadways and trails away from camping areas). Bicycle riding around Club House is not permitted. Motorcycles will only allowed if the driver is a camper and only drives their motorcycle to their camping area. Dirt-bikes or All Terrain Vehicles (A.T.V.) are not allowed on the beach or on the recreational property except those operated by the Caretaker and/or work party for union business.

  14. Boat trailers are to be parked up on the hill or in designated area (as directed by the Caretaker).

  15. Please limit showers to three (3) minutes so others will have hot water.

  16. Please turn off the lights in the restrooms and kitchen when leaving.


If you are interested in purchasing an annual pass for Harstine Island and are currently a member or retiree of a Teamster Local, click below to download the PDF form and send it and a check to your Local Union office.




Active Members, Retirees and Guests

Effective May 1, 2019


  1. Overnight camping is $17.00 per night for members of Local 313 for Local 313 Retirees.
  2. Overnight camping is $20.00 for all other Teamsters.
  3. Overnight Camping for guests at $25.00 per night. (No annual pass issued)
  4. Annual Pass: (Expires one year from date of purchase)
    • $60.00 – Retiree Club Members ** (Must see membership card)
    • $60.00 – Local 313 Members & Retirees
    • $85.00 – Members / Retirees of other Teamster Locals
  5. All boats that tie up, anchor out, come ashore, or utilize the property is $10.00 per day/night stay.
  1. If you are not camping and use a spot for the day there will be a charge of $7.00 per day/per car and an additional charge of $5.00 per day/per car if electricity is used.
  2. If you park in a spot where electric is available you will be charged an additional $5.00 per night.
  3. Oysters are $5.00 per dozen (a receipt is needed from Caretaker to remove oysters in shell from Island).
  4. Ice is $3.00 per bucket.
  5. It is a $5.00 a night for each additional tent per site.
  6. Environmental Fee per day for all campers and tents is $2.00.

Day Party and Club House Rental : See caretaker for prices.


Note:  For the annual Local 313 Picnic there will be no charge Friday and Saturday for ACTIVE 313 MEMBERS ONLY and only Active 313 Members are able to camp in waterfront spots.